In addition to the "classic", client-side method of executing the conversion code in the user's browser, it is also possible to import a transaction into the partner program via a server-side call. For this purpose, the tracking code with the corresponding parameters is called up by the store's server. 

In order to assign the transaction to the respective publisher/channel, it is important to configure in the administration of the partner program that the "emid" is transferred to the landing page with every click and saved by the store page.

Tracking call

Conversion Aufruf - Serversided






The campaign ID is placed here.


The trigger ID is placed here.


The order ID is placed here.


The net order value is stored here. This may result in the commission for the publisher.


A description can be stored here.


The currency is placed here. 

This is used, for example, if a store is operated in Switzerland, but sells its goods in €. If the field is left empty, the currency setting of the partner program is used.


This is where the attributes of the order are stored. The value is passed in decimal format and a dot as separator. (50% = 0.50)).


Is filled with the value of the parameter emid, which is transferred to the landing page by the easy Marketing System via the click link. This value is very important for the attribution, as otherwise no assignment of the transaction is possible.

*mandatory fields